Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good Morning Sun, I am a bird.

I strolled through downtown this morning before work, and I found myself at the library. I picked up this book by Edith Head, eight time Oscar winning costume designer, and this quote was inside:

It made me feel so inspired. It's been a rough time, trying to find a job in my field that isn't something I feel or am told am "overqualified" or "not experienced enough" for. Maybe I just need to dress better.

I felt an urge of inspiration this morning, despite the oppressive heat. I think I need to go fabric shopping.

I think it helps that this summer, I read a book on the making of Breakfast at Tiffany's, and then the novella by Truman Capote. Maybe that's why I have the need to fill my closet with little black dresses and I feel slightly more glamourous.

Perhaps it's a little cliche, the girl with the Fashion Degree getting inspired by something like Breakfast at Tiffnay's, but I kind of don't care - when in doubt, refer to the classics and stick to what you know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I've been up to.

So, it's post-grad life, and between searching desperately for full-time work, I've been having some fashion fun! Here are some of my current obsessions:

1. Nail Art: Here is a pic of nails that I painted to match my dress for an event I went to. I'm totally psyched that crazy 12-year-old nails are in!

2. Maxi-Dresses: At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea of maxi dresses, since I felt like they swallowed you up whole/make you look like a whale. It's all about finding the right fabric and fit, though, and now I own three that I absolutely cannot live without. Below is a picture of my modeling for local newspaper, The Express Times, wearing a Desigual dress and other fun accessories from the boutique I work at, Shuze.
Also this summer, I'm loving comfy sandals, crazy short shorts, sunglasses, tie dye, and more.

So besides modeling and events, I've been settling in to living back at home. One of the things I've been doing is going through all of my old things (TAG SALE SOON!!) I have an old bulletin board that I used in my apartment at school to put things in our kitchen like a grocery list, coupons, the mail key, etc., and painted it with some leftover yellow and blue craft paint. I figured it would be perfect for storing/displaying accessories, take a look!

Here's what I did today: I recently bought a t-shirt with Zac Efron on it. [Total impulse buy, but who could resist it at $2.99 at Hot Topic?!] I decided to shred it, which is a technique used on knits to literally shred the fabric so the texture changes and it becomes sheer. I also cut it to a crop top, removing the phrase "TGTBT" [because quite frankly, I'm not sure what it means. Either "Too Good to Be True" or "Troy gives terrific Blow...Torches." Take your pick. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Dearest blog,

I'm so sorry that I have been neglecting you. Now that it's summer again, I plan to fill you back up with silly posts and creative ideas or maybe just rant about things that annoy me. Who knows.

I guess I've been so busy because I graduated from school, nbd. Which has thrown me into this downward terrifying spiral of "what am I doing with my life?!" and thinking about Dustin Hoffman non-stop.
I spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself, sucking on a spoonful of nutella and staring at all of the things that need to be unpacked - too many things. I stared at the shirt that I traded with one of my friends; after washing it, it still smells like him. It still smells like that hick town I spent the last four years in.

But enough is enough. I need to realize the rest and best of my life is yet to come, and I'm not going to let one day of self pity destroy my dreams. Hopefully I'll get back into blogging.

Love always,

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So I'm getting super pumped for the IUP Fashion Association Formal. Check out the sweet dress I made!! After much frustration, I've decided to embrace the teal liquid lamé.

Also, I painted my nails to match. I tried that "watercolor effect." Did I mention I was excited?
Yay dancing and stuff!!

<3 G

Monday, September 5, 2011

oh hey, blog, it's been a while...

Sooo, since I updated this last, I've made a few things.

I finally finished this messenger bag for my friend Forrest. It's made out of red and black canvas, with strips of red canvas that I bleached. The inside has a pocket with a "grania_maire original" patch. Here's so pics!

I'm really proud of it, it's the first legit bag I've made (other than a simple drawstring one in middle school home ec.)

Also, I made a dress out of recycled tees. I used four t-shirts (one red, one grey, and two black.) I bleached/distressed the black and grey shirts (as you can probably tell, I'm totally obsessed with bleaching...] The pattern is inspired by this dress. Here are some pics! [Note: the first pic is of a work-out outfit I made out of the scraps. Too bad I'm too lazy to actually go to the gym.]

Next project: Something that isn't red and black! Yay sewingggg <3

Friday, July 29, 2011

newwww top.

I just finished making this cute top! I designed it myself, with butterfly sleeves, a braided collar detail, and a braided belt. The lining and white braid details were made from an old t-shirt, and I used blue floral fabric that I found at Good Will. I think it used to be a table cloth, or something. Yay recycled fabric!! =)

My next project: finally finishing Forrest's bag. And fixing Mike's pants. And making Caitlin some jeans. and and and.... =)